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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW





This is my second attempt at establishing a record of my travels and musings to provoke and entertain my friends and enemies.

The featured image was taken by a fellow motorcyclist Deborah, (last name unknown) an Australian social worker, in the Brooks Range of Arctic Alaska in May 2012. She made it to Ushuaia and is now living with her husband in nearby Clackamas County here in Oregon. My plan is to resume my own journey to Ushuaia, Argentina and beyond in the winter of 2017. I realized during the time my report was off line that it really matters to me to share my travels and thoughts with not only those I care about, but also with those interested souls I have yet to meet.

I cancelled my prior missive entitled, MIKE31AMERICA, in a fit of rage at the total assault on internet freedom and the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, by the “security services” of the Empire. My imprudent action produced nothing but a smoking hole in my left boot. The disclosures by Heroes Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden changed nothing. In fact, I call on the NSA and others to help a vet out- and return to me copies of the treasonous slander I published under that banner. I would enjoy cleaning it up and using the better pieces to augment my efforts to honor the heroes in my life.

Over the next few months I will be tweaking, tuning, and building a new platform with which to share my travels and “musings of a shit-house rat,” with all who care to read them. I hope to return to the days when my posting and your comments went out to twenty-one countries (and counting!).

See you soon my friends!

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