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Martin Windham on ALL IS WELL….
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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




A wag once said, “the trouble with youth is it is wasted on the young.” How can anything be more true? The young gents above risked it all on a daily basis, but still kept a sense of humor and brotherhood which are certainly the only souvenirs of war a man wants that he is allowed to keep. The featured photo was furnished by my friend John Robinson. It somehow captures the essence of what it was to be a young warrior in Viet Nam.

War exacts a price from all who participate in it. It also extracts a tariff from those who love the participants. Your author was a participant and this is a story of some of the stuff he returned home with.

Hookworm and malaria were two inconveniences I brought back with me. The parasites, despite treatment, hung around for three years after my discharge from the Marines in February of 1972. The malaria kept it up till 1991 or so…….I am sure of that because it was just after The Gulf War that the fevers held me in their last embrace. Gone now? I think so, but really it is a small tab to pay.  Many Marines paid a much more severe price for their participation in things Viet Nam.

In the late nineties the funerals started. Seems like many men were dying from conditions which are now linked with the herbicide known as Agent Orange. Others, who were assigned to Camp Lejeune, NC (CLNC) on their return, later received a letter from the Commandant of the Marine Corps advising them that they had likely been consuming potent environmental toxins in the drinking water at CLNC. In late 2017, the Department of Veterans Affairs stipulated that certain conditions were linked to these toxins and veterans who served at CLNC from August 1, 1953, through December 31, 1987, were eligible for medical treatment and disability benefits.

Your intrepid author, whose name appears on the Agent Orange Registry and the Commandants CLNC List appeared to soar above the fray and wonder at his good fortune……until last week.

Almost forty-five years to the day from my discharge at Camp Lejeune, VA personnel informed me that I have  bladder cancer. Those who know me will tell you that I have taken pretty good care of myself over the years. Now the bill has come due and the Piper bids to be paid.

Having watched my friends experience with the medical industry in our country I have decided to use the knowledge and experience of others and allow my body to heal itself. I can’t and won’t be smug about this because I do know that even as I am now not in pain or serious distress, things could get tough at any time and my task could become extremely difficult.

It is my experience that we always are given what we need, when we need it. In my case a good friend, Ken Hattan, who I know from our association with The Rose City Motorcycle Club, is my guide and mentor. Ken healed his esophageal cancer while he was in the que for surgery to remove his tumors. My friend has graciously allowed me to publish his letter describing the process and experiences which led to his cure. I read it each day in an attempt to stay focused on the task-at-hand and for inspiration and affirmation that miracles are indeed possible.

Those of you who love me and care for me please accept in advance my gratitude for your prayers. Life offers only one guarantee…….but I have a few things left to do here and plan to be around for awhile longer.


To whom it may Concern:

Ken Hattan’s Collection of Notes on God and Healing.

Ken’s Perspective:
I came up with this when trying to explain why the spirit is such a big part of making decisions regarding a persons health care. A doctor deals in science, and a patient deals with his reality. The doctor’s advice is based on the science, which may be all that is necessary to take care of a problem that a patient has. Like resetting a fractured bone, or bandaging up a cut, or prescribing a pill to aid in urinary flow. Patients rely on this and do not have to think much about how it is going to affect them or their family. They just report what the doctor did. But there comes a time when it isn’t that simple, and the patient must make decisions that affect the rest of his life and life itself.

At these times the patient must use the doctor’s advice and science, and meld that with his reality, then blend it with his spirit. If this melding of science and reality includes the possibility of dying or negatively altering the patients life, the soul comes into play and the decisions made have to be made by the patient because he is the only one that can blend all that with his spirit.

It is wrong for health care organizations to dictate to a patient, what shall be done and what won’t be done, when in fact they should do what the patient requests. The patient needs to learn a thing or two, to make good decisions.

Ken’s belief in God:
I believe this is simple. God is everything. God is everything you see and everything you can’t see. God is love. God is energy. God is your thoughts. God is.

Nothing happens that God isn’t the cause or the results, the creator or the destroyer. When we look around us, we see God beauty everywhere. The tree is God, the rocks are God, the lake is God, the clouds are God, the deer is God, the flower is God, and the dog is God. We humans are God. Everything is God.

Whether you think this was created in 7 days or hundreds of millions of years doesn’t matter, as it is all good. God is good. Since most of our small world on the planet Earth is now being influenced by humans it has become clear that millions of years of development is being altered and that is not good. Since God is good, this is bad.

On a personal level. We are God and have been provided with the most fabulous bodies, with brains that can create great things. Our bodies are factories that process food into the the most perfect energy known. Same with all animals. Wild and tame animals don’t know how to do bad to their bodies. Humans do and do bad to their bodies everyday. We need to learn to treat our bodies as temples and God, so we can continue on in a healthy way.

God is everything. I believe I am God, because God is everything and that includes me. Like a molecule of water in the ocean. The ocean isn’t an ocean without that one molecule and many trillions of other molecules of water. I am as old as God. I’m made up of water and water doesn’t just go away. It exists everywhere in the Universe. Here on earth, the water molecules have been active since the beginning. Water molecules exist everywhere and in everything. They are recycled every minute of every day, month,
year, century, and forever. My body may have the first molecule in the first raindrop, the first single cell organism, the first dinosaurs, or river, plant, animal, and so on, so I am as old as the planet Earth, the Sun, and even the Universe. Or at least parts of me. I hold that my body is God’s and it holds the power of the Universe, and that this energy can be used for healing. I believe that God’s power is omnipotent, and we humans are unaware as to the power we have.

I believe that there is power we can feel, such as the light and heat from the sun, the force of an ocean wave against the body or a push from a friend; and there is power we can’t feel or see. These are some of the powers humans have, some people can move objects, most of us can’t, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have those powers. I believe that we exert powerful energy from our hearts. This is often power you can see, as when you tell someone you love them, tell a room full of people that you appreciate them all and your heart is full of gratitude. You will always see the power of those heart-felt thoughts in their eyes and body movements. I believe that when you make heart felt expressions, that the energy is flowing from your heart, and you will direct this to those that you are talking to and fill the room with positive energy.

This is expressed in sign language, by placing your hand over your heart and then extending your hand as though you were throwing them a kiss. I also believe that when others are praying for you that you are receiving that energy. Knowing this is powerful in the healing process and coupled with your own moving of energy to heal yourself is absolute and has positive effects. Jesus was known for the ability to heal and he also said that we will do even greater things than these. I believe that Jesus, being a human being, believed that what he did was possible to be done by anyone. He was
sharing his knowledge regarding our power, and that this power existed in our (God) spirit. Following the Father was the key. Following God. God is omnipotent and will facilitate these healings, if one believes in the Father (God/self).

Ken’s Method of Visualizing his Esophagus Already Healed: Always visualize your body already healed. I visualized my esophagus as perfect pink tissue (no flaws) all the way to my stomach. I would bath it over and over again, when ever I thought about having cancer, with energy from my heart (Love). This was me, my mind, communicating to my spirit (God) what needed to be done. My tumor went away in less than two months.

Doctors couldn’t believe it. They saw it with scopes, CAT and PET scans, they measured it with ultrasound, and they biopsied it (positive for adenocarcinoma). All gone two weeks before my scheduled surgery for a esophagectomy. The surgeons, have put me in the hospital two times digging out big chunks of my mucosal lining looking for the cancer and that led to major bleeding that got me in the ICU for 3-4 days while they gave me 3 units of blood each time. I’m still rebuilding my red blood cell count, but I think they have given up for now and believe me when I say that my wife and I beat the cancer. (fat chance they would believe that) After this last visit to the ICU, I told my surgeon, never-again. My spirit was telling me the cancer was gone, and now I am listening and responding never-again. We need to listen to our bodies more, our gut and our intuition speak to us (spirit talk). Listen to it.

Ken’s path to cancer remission.

You know you are on the right path when you have taken CONTROL of your health care, radically changed your DIET, used your INTUITION to know when to not do harmful procedures that damage your body. Practice a POSITIVE attitude, increase your social SUPPORT and show gratitude for all the reasons you have for LIVING. Adding immune SUPPLEMENTS that aid your body in fighting disease and include meditation and prayer that increases your SPIRITUAL connection; along with thoughts of SELF HEALING and energy flowing through your body healing all that is wrong. Believing you are already healed all day long, everyday no matter what. (Note; my stress and emotional baggage was nil during my healing)

Self Healing. What is self-healing? How does that work with traditional spiritual beliefs? How does that work with traditional medicine? I don’t know if I can answer these questions but will start with my spiritual beliefs. See below 9 items Common among 1000 Radical Remission cancer victims.

(Based on Kelly Turners book: Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All
Odds.” )
1. Radically changing your diet
2. Taking control of your health
3. Following your intuition
4. Using herbs and supplements.
5. Increasing positive emotions
6. Embracing social support
7. Deepening your spiritual connection
8. Having strong reasons for living
9. Releasing suppressed emotions

What to do Summary:
1. Take charge of all medical decisions. Own it, so to speak. Let your God within, your spirit know that you are making these decisions. You will be rewarded.
2. Listen to the doctors, but also investigate how you can remove the cancer with diet,supplements, Gods food and God’s natural medicines, get connected to God in your mind (you are already connected, you just need to believe it and feel it.)
3. Listen to your body as it will help you along the recovery path. Listen to your gut and intuition.
4. Read Kelly Turner’s book: Radical Remission, to feel the 1000 victims that beat cancer in so many different ways.
5. Be Positive, about everything. Thought held in mind produce after their kind. Your thoughts feed your cells. Make sure all you cells are getting the right mind thoughts. Always remember that cancer cells are your cells and you need to send them love not anger. You can’t wish them away, but you can love them to death, and they will once again become new healthy cells.
6. Surround yourself with supportive people. People that support you in what ever your decision is, whether that is going natural or going conventional. And remember, a prayer once given can be forever received. You can draw the healing thoughts from those that love you all the time. There is no time limit on get well prayers and wishes. Think of the people who gave them and bring those thoughts into you heart as often you want.
7. Eliminate stress and suppressed emotions during your healing process.
8. Access your reasons for living. Keep these in the forefront of your mind. Include them in your prayers.
9. Get spiritual. Take time to learn the healing power of God.






One comment on “ALL IS WELL….

  1. Martin Windham says:

    Rest assured you will be in my prayers. I know things will work out in the best way!! Tu Amigo Martin


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