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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




On a recent motorcycle journey to Centralia, Washington, Deborah and I stopped at McMenamin’s Olympic Club to refresh ourselves. Having consumed prodigious quantities of fresh ground organic coffee that morning, a trip to the gents room offered  the usual relief, and a museum like reminder that the saying, “they don’t make them like they used to,” is truly valid.

There are many reasons for this, I suspect all likely have to do with money. In a prior era when resources were there for the taking and no one had decided that skilled tradecraft and exquisite craftsmanship were wasteful indulgences, the common man accessed and enjoyed fine art in his daily existence. Ahem! Perhaps the expression, “piss poor,” referred to the enjoyment everyday people acquired from the art that surrounded them, and assisted and inspired their everyday tasks and duties.

For those of you who enjoy tender years, those were days when no one even thought of defacing private (or public!) property. A man who inadvertently damaged property, usually from being compelled to teach a lesson in manners or respect to some drunken oaf, or otherwise defend the honor of his lady, was expected to recompense the proprietor for the loss of his property. Those were also the days when the man in charge of such an establishment would have been summarily discharged, had word gotten to the owner that his facilities had been neglected in the fashion this picture clearly displays.

As a body politic, we have been conditioned to believe that these days of craftsmanship, art, and honor, in mundane everyday living, were really days of racism and misogyny. While it is true that negroes and women did not then enjoy all the rights and privileges now due them, it is also true that in many respects, they, and the society-at-large, have suffered more than they have gained.

The modern perspective demands that we ignore the damage to freedom and society in general that unqualified franchise and the general feminization of law, medicine and politics has brought. Democracy has always dashed itself on the rocks of largess, endorsed by a majority, whose primary concern was their own benefit with nary a thought given or entertained as to the health and needs of the producers of these benefits. This is precisely the reason the founders created a republican model of governance, which regrettably  was swept aside by the constitution, which in the modern era has been ignored and quibbled to death, mainly by those who had sworn to defend it.

This thread could easily drone on to a book length manuscript. I have neither the talent or the temperment for that so I will end it now. As study and background text, may I reccomend Albert Jay Nock’s Jefferson.

Live well, ride hard, and enjoy today as if it were your last.















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