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Martin Windham on ALL IS WELL….
sparrowhawk6 on I NO LONGER KNOW
Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




I no longer know what the future holds for the bold and brilliant dream that was America. Some of you will, no doubt, stop reading right here. You find it offensive that I refer to “America”  in the past tense. I refer not to the USA (Inc.) which amazes us all with its ability to persevere, even as it continues to add to the explosive debt, which in current obligations amounts to more than the ‘annual income’ of all goods and services produced in the empire each year.

We are hesitating, you and I, to do what needs to be done to set our dream back on the path to sustainability (now there is a modern expression!) and return the rights and freedoms, which have been stolen , to their rightful owners, WE THE PEOPLE. We hesitate because deep in our hearts we know the price of restoration will be as high, or higher than the initial payment made by our forefathers, to secure these rights and freedoms.

We know that to even speak of what has been lost exposes us to ridicule, imprisonment, or even murder, at the hands of those criminals who have absconded with the value and beauty generations of men and women have fought and died to secure. Will they be lost forever on our watch? I think they have been.

Once we could say we did not know, but now after the revelations by truth tellers Edward Snowden and ‘Chelsea’ Manning, amongst others, we can no longer turn away and pretend we did not see. Will We The People respond in any meaningful way? That remains to be seen, probably not.

As I said in the second paragraph the price will be higher than most of us are willing to pay. It begins with education. If we are unable, or unwilling to even study the problem, there is no way we will put in the effort to condition ourselves to do anything to solve it.  I am not speaking of an afternoon lark here. This is like marathon training for someone who is sixty pounds over weight. It is hard, long, and arduous. I offer the attached speech to the jury by Ryan Bundy as a first workout. It is my hope and prayer that the sacrifices  of a “Few Good Men,” like Mr Bundy, will inspire the rest of us to acquire the strength to do whatever it takes to put things right in ” The Land of The Free.”

Let the work begin:


2 comments on “I NO LONGER KNOW

  1. Martin Windham says:

    Monte, I hope you, Deb and all your family had a happy Thanksgiving. I am spending most of my time with my Mother who is in the later stage of dementia. She is completely bedridden and can’t do anything for herself. I enjoyed your writing and agree that we have already lost most of our freedoms. I also read the Ryan Bundy opening statement and was impressed with what he said, but saddened to hear how his family’s rights were disregarded. I was already familiar with the situation and the federal encroachment on their rights. When I’m reminded of this situation and the many others situations similar to this one, I realize how helpless it seems we are at the hands of our government overstepping it’s minds. Heck, at 68, I’ve even too old to join the Nevada militia (I believe they said 64 was the oldest you could be to be in the militia).

    Semper Fi Brother, Martin


  2. sparrowhawk6 says:

    Thank you Martin. We are fortunate to have our health but more lucky to have a few friends and brothers like yourself. I return the greetings and blessings to your family. I hope we meet again on this side.
    Semper Fi,


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