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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




My comm with the outside world has deteriorated over the summer. There is a good reason for that! My wife and I have been busy putting 13,000+ miles on our new Harley Limited. 12,000 of those miles came in three months. The folks at Paradise Harley-Davidson tell us that is some kind of a record.

While we have been getting used to the bike, and each other, we have been traveling light. No computer, and very little anything else. Another reason is daughter Olivia and her hubby Simon are out on a six month biking tour in Africa! I am jealous as hell and writing about our travels down the block, pales by comparison! Check them out on and see for yourselves. They are a bold and competent young couple.

In the meantime Deborah has become more than comfortable on the new motorcycle. I thought that purchasing the 900 pound behemoth meant the end of my “adventure” career. Not so fast! My wife and I are in the planning process of a trip “south.” The current destination is Chinandega, Nicaragua.  We will transit The Mexican Riviera, Guatemala, and El Salvador on the way south. On the way back we hit, Honduras, Belize, and Tulum, Mexico, to visit an old friend.

This trip will be proof that we can travel just about anywhere on a H-D. As a matter of fact, the world record for countries and places was set by a couple on a Harley who were out for fifteen years! We won’t be hitting any goat trails through the mountains, but we will still be ‘adventure riders’ in a real sense. Others have gone before us…..but not many. In any event our travels will be a fresh trail for us. Now that I have a co-pilot maybe Orange fans will see more and better photos!





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