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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW





Certainly the opposite of Horace Greeley’s famous admonition to the young men of his time. Mr Greeley could not have imagined the mass psychosis that would someday grip the west coast of our beautiful land.

Our young friends Kyle and Jackie have figured out early that Portland is not the place for them, and thus, will marry in Eastern Oregon this weekend preparatory to building a farmstead and starting a family. Imagine that! Once this type of thinking would have been the definition of conformity. These days it is “Deplorable.” Working in the dirt and raising children! My God! What are these people thinking? A partnership of X and Y chromosomes no less. Is that even legal in Portland?

Methinks the lovely mountain region (Kyle’s childhood home) my two heroes have picked as the backdrop for their new life will lend enthusiastic support to the effort. This high, beautiful, and very remote region nestles in “The Wallowas,” a range unknown to most. The Snake River Canyon provides a massive moat to the east and north.  Highways in and out of the region are few, especially in winter. Some of the more delightful roads in the area are only open for vehicular travel from June to October. The rest of the year they are groomed for snow machines, skis, and snowshoes.

Deborah and I are honored to have been invited to the feast and celebration of Kyle and Jackie’s new life together. May they be blessed with a long life in harmony with nature and each other. May their children be strong, smart, healthy, and appreciative of the rare pioneer spirit of their parents, and may they be inspired and enjoy the blessings of this incredible opportunity they have been given.






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