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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




It is with some regret that I must announce that my days as an adventure riding SHR have regrettably come to an end. “What that you say?” Yes Sir! Tis true. From now on I will captain a ‘flying couch’, with my beloved on the pillon, in the first class section. I have swapped my KTM for a Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited, a LARGE touring bike.

This situation has been in the works for some time. I guess it just recently dawned on me that it was not only inevitable, but also imminent. The good news is that early reports are positive. Many people in the Northwest have reported spotting a large touring machine, piloted by the SHR himself, rolling along the highways and byways with two broad smiles aboard! The cliche, ” Happy wife makes happy life,” is an absolute truth!

FYI; I have not been been on a Harley since the early seventies, and had never owned one. I stopped at Paradise Harley-Davidson to check out a large gathering in their parking lot. A crafty salesman/cyclist Josh asked me if I had ridden one of the new Milwaukee 8 models. I replied negative. He said no time like the present. The crafty bugger had a good idea that if he got me on one I’d be taking it home with me!

The M8 Harley is an incredible machine! Big and heavy, (twice the mass of my hot KTM!) high tech, and comfortable. It features built in navigation, four speaker stereo, cavernous  luggage, and cruise control (!) to name only a few. It also comes with the HOG mystique. Deborah and I have both been welcomed by the “Harley Family.” For my part I have discovered that many of the men involved have the title VETERAN, as well.

Amazingly, some of my new and old friends seem more excited about this new venture than I am! One of my neighbors, a former Green Beret, gently blips the throttle on his Harley as he coasts by my house every morning. His muffled, staccato greeting says ‘good morning’ in a very personal way.

So yes my friends, the bag pipers mournful dirge, can be heard faintly echoing in the tall firs of Oregon. Another adventurer bites the dust. So it is: but it is also a transition to a new adventure for my wife and I. Dear reader, if you so desire, get on board and travel this great land with us.





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