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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW




So it goes…….. . It has been a couple of weeks since my beloved consented to me moving my KTM into the just drywalled dining room in order to perform a level of maintenance that would be inadvisable, if attempted in the driveway. Ah so, as it goes priorities changed. A large Black Locust needed to be removed from the roof of our house. This task was accomplished with the aid of a forty-five foot articulated bucket, which in turn became mired in the clay in the lower back ‘forty’ after an unannounced spring downpour.  A large tow rig was summoned. A skilled operator, a big winch, and a hundred fifty bucks, was enough to accomplish the mission. We now have some pretty rough mowing in a few places! Some good luck here though, two days later we had another storm which took out more trees and left some of our neighbors without power for three days! I shudder to contemplate the scene had I not removed the Locust, just in time.

Sometimes one endures a run of poor luck. In my case it was mal suerte involving technology. An unknown author penned, ” you will never know the disasters your bad luck has saved you from.” I have always said that one should never attempt an ocean crossing without a sextant. As easy and wonderful as electronic aids are, they will always fail when you need them most!  This happened to me. Back in the dining room, where my wife is haunted by the comedic spector of a full size adventure motorcycle occupying the space normally reserved for a large wood table. I guess I owe that woman! Big time.

As I returned to the task at hand, the MC was stripped down to the frame to allow for a valve check/ adjustment as necessary and several other essential tasks. The next day I went online to find the site which described the procedure to be attempted. The web site had disappeared overnite! Dammit! I dug out the CD which contains my factory shop manual, only to find the computer would not run it! New priority! Take my computer to “the nerds” as I had no clue as to the nature or source of my problem. I spent the week the laptop was in the shop pining for the day when a shop manual was a “phone book” with greasy finger prints on it. Sometimes progress isn’t!

As events dictated I had to cancel two of the travel/ training scenarios I had scheduled. I will most likely be forced to cancel the British Columbia jaunt as well. Spent a ton of money on necessities and find myself a bit short of funds for “motorcycle therapy” in the near future. We are shunning debt as we are in the stage of life where financial players will gladly finance any cockamamie scheme we can come up with. We have learned the hard way that ‘plastic’ contains no intrinsic value, but assigns real obligation. ZERO is our favorite word. Incredibly some pretty smart operators are offering zero cost money to keep the balls in the air. What else can a man rent for nothing? With a little discipline the present madness is a debtors paradise.

The image at the top of the page represents the original problem. The photo below is the solution to problem #2 and the source of new problems #3 and #4. As a goofy but profound Alfred E. Newman would crack, “What Me Worry!”







  1. Kenton Lewis says:

    Great piece. You have a way of entertaining and giving perspective to the mundane and annoying tasks of life.
    You write good stuff.


  2. Stephan says:

    Seems like a good use of space to me! Steve


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