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I has come to my attention that a group of four US veterans is gearing up for an attempt at riding their motorcycles from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego, making the land crossing of the Darien Gap. My response is absolute and total jealousy! These intrepid gentlemen are well funded, corporate sponsored, and ready to roll. Well that is one way of doing it. Perhaps the best way.

My approach of course, is alone, and on a shoestring budget, except for my motorcycle, which is the best to be had. I wish these guys well, I really do! I am just completely envious that my mental makeup will not allow me to solicit help or funds of any kind. As “Ol Blue Eyes” crooned, “I’ll do it my way.” I am enclosing a link to permit my readers to learn of the effort these guys are making, and support it if they please.

Many of you, veterans of Mike31America, are aware of the huge undertaking this is, even for a determined team with deep pockets. The Darien Gap is a serious obstacle, no matter how much money one has. The trackless jungle, numerous venomous reptiles and other predators, would be enough to discourage most folks. Add in large numbers of well armed guerrillas, who augment their living by taking western hostages, and you have a formidable challenge, even for a special ops team supported by the entire US military establishment.

I am not saying it cannot be done. What I am saying is that what these guys are undertaking is likely the greatest land expeditionary challenge available in the modern world. It is at least equal to the pioneer journey west in the white settlement of the USA. In my opinion, greater than climbing Everest or sailing alone around the world.

I will follow this teams quest with great interest. I wished them Buena Suerte, and admire their grit. Humans can be the most noble or most depraved creatures on this planet. The mere contemplation of this journey indicates nobility. The successful transit of the Darien Wilderness would be truly historic, even though it has been done by others.

It has been my pleasure sharing this story with you ‘Orange’ people. Now I must get back to preparing my machine for a lesser journey to the Nevada desert. With luck I may run into these courageous adventurers somewhere on the trail south next winter.





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