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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW





Bear with me folks.  This offering is background showing pix of my trip to the Yukon and Northwest Territories (NWT) as well as Arctic Deadhorse Alaska. This represents the first segment of my (ill-fated) trip from the Arctic to The Antarctic by motorcycle. The “ill-fated” reference alludes to the fact that I broke down in southern Mexico and was unable to get support for the BMW 800 GS I was riding at the time. The journey itself was spectacular! As a reaction to the stunning lack of support for a warranted product….I am now mounted on a KTM 1190 Adventure R. Machines break down. Manufacturers are not always responsible, but when they are it is nice if they step up and make things right. I ride for the brand and expect the brand to back my play when things go sideways.

I look forward to returning to the North Country someday, but for financial reasons, a retracement of the earlier journey will not happen on this trip. I will begin at the Columbia River and return to Zhautanejo, Mexico to pickup my trail south. At a later date I plan to attempt the Iron Butt Ride from Deadhorse, AK to Key West, FL in the winter. I have enough on my plate right now so that trip falls into the category many will call the bucket list.

The inspiration for todays offering is a comment by my new friend Kenton Lewis, who yesterday, referenced a vision of a family trip to the NWT. Heh Heh,Yeah I am naughty that way-always trying to stir things up! In the words of St. Augustine, ” Our world is a book….and those who don’t travel read only a page.”






One comment on “NORTH BY NORTHWEST

  1. Kenton Lewis says:

    I’m honored you mentioned my name.
    Zhautanejo, Mexico, strange you should mention it. As was the case with Tierra del Fuego when writing me, I have included it in a novel, “Galapagos Man.” My main characters go ashore there and meet up with curiously quiet man, recluse by nature. Any guess as to who that might be?


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