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Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW





Photo courtesy of my friend John; Scout helo pilot extraordinaire.


Those readers who are ” in the know” will recognize this haughty destination as the quintessential Viet Nam ‘shitter’. The colors denote USMC. The terrain suggests a firebase or some other improved area and the bunkers in close proximity tell us that actually using this five-star facility could most likely be quite exciting at times. Note the product of this establishment, on fire in a drum of diesel fuel. I will apologize to the more sensitive of my readers and can only say that if we had known how bad this practice was for the environment we would have handled this process in a greener fashion. I am sure the modern US military is more sensitive to these things when they set about wrecking a far away country. One would hope so anyway.

I provide this photo for context. In the future, should the reader be inclined to peruse the ” musings of a shit-house rat,” he or she will have a much clearer vision of the source of the proffered enlightenment. Knowing the place a bit of knowledge emanated from is, perhaps, helpful in understanding that knowledge. I realize knowledge and stench are two different things, but we must remain open to various means of communication.

I am indebted to a serious warrior in Colorado for the “Rat meme.” I have not named this individual, as I don’t have his permission to do so. In this blog first names are generally OK, but a full name will only be published with the permission of the individual so named. This rule refers only to the living. The author reserves the right to honor the dead, by name, at his own risk.

Construction continues, the blog, the house, and indeed the life. These ‘foundational communications’ are written as background for those who may stumble across these pages innocently. Such persons are hereby warned that this author will do little or nothing to protect such innocence. As Winston Churchill once said, “some men will eventually stumble across the truth, but most will scurry away as if nothing had happened.”

2 comments on “MUSINGS OF A SH*T_HOUSE RAT

  1. John says:

    Monte – you might also note that the smoke is wafting back over the encampment, thereby treating the occupants of this site to enjoy the olfactory delight that all veterans of service in RVN cherish so very deeply.. John R


    1. sparrowhawk6 says:

      Ah yes…..! An unforgettable aroma. Glad I made rank before I got to a place where an enlisted Marine was assigned to stir and cook this foul brew!


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