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Martin Windham on ALL IS WELL….
sparrowhawk6 on I NO LONGER KNOW
Martin Windham on I NO LONGER KNOW





Somewhere between Winnemucca and Gerlach, desert country of NE Nevada.


My friends! After a long absence – time to reflect on my motives, intentions, and time frame for action- I have decided to complete my 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure R, and set out once again for Ushuaia, Argentina in the winter of 2017-18. My journey will entail approximately 11,159 miles of astonishment, uncertainty, fear, and bliss. Yes! All of those things and more! That, dear readers, is one way, the return journey is yet to be charted and planned.

Deborah and I stood at the weddings of two of her daughters in 2016. Both were splendid affairs! The first in June held in Las Vegas, and the second in Northern Ireland in September. Those two events along with the arrival of  grandson Wyatt made quite a year for us. After half a year of, “whats next?” we decided to get to following-the-dream once again.

For us that means separate travel in two different directions. Never-the twain-shall-meet does not really describe the situation, as we are committed to meeting up wherever and whenever possible. In the next six months we will plan the logistics and execution of our separate dreams while simultaneously creating a new chapter in the common dream we share.

Life has indeed gotten in the way, and times-a-wastin, if we don’t push the horses we will end up being all talk and no action. Don’t care for the sound of that tune.





7 comments on “ON THE ROAD AGAIN….

  1. Mark H Grenier says:

    Safe journey my brother.


    1. sparrowhawk6 says:

      Thank you my friend! This back and forth is what I missed most about being off-line. I look forward to thousands of miles of seeing and story-telling, and most of all hearing from those I care about as well as those I have not yet met. Your strength keeps me going when my own power is failing.


  2. Kenton Lewis says:

    This is really cool stuff. You write good, sir.


    1. sparrowhawk6 says:

      Thank you Mr Lewis. We are pretty much at liberty to discuss just about anything on this site. I look forward to the coming year with anticipation and delight!


  3. Kenton Lewis says:

    This whole thing of yours started me thinking about something dreamed about many years ago. I always wanted to take a trip to the Canadian Northwest Territory with my two sons-in-law and son. It seems like I was the only one with enthusiasm and vision (and money). The latter being no problem at the time. However a half a score plus two years into retirement the nest egg has hatched with no yoke.
    Anyway, back to Canada. The trip was supposed to take us to the Arctic Ocean where I’d take a leak and dip, not in that order. I lived that journey nearly a thousand times in my mind and the older I become the less likely it will come to pass and the less likely it seems important. Memories and dreams are merely pictures in the mind. I must be satisfied with the latter (I’m now 70.).
    That all said, I stand in admiration of your quest and wish all the best in every way.
    I have a couple of sites. Smurf Turf which you are already aware. I also have another which is my real passion, Smurf Turf is kind of a play thing beyond what is posted on OBNUG. I also hosted a WordPress site, The Jittery Goat, for several years. It seemed to me for $12 a year the Google site offered more flexibility, however WordPress offered many more templates.
    I’m starting to ramble.
    Take care.


    1. sparrowhawk6 says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful reply, be assured I will be all over the ‘Goat’. Got into it a bit before bedtime and will get back there when I can spare the time it deserves.

      I am surprised you are four years my senior. In our written exchanges I had an image of you as a man in his prime.

      I have had this dream of a motorcycle journey to Tierra Del Fuego, since, in eleventh grade, I read of Danny Liska’s epic 95,000 mile trip where he crossed the Darien Gap on foot. The current political situation leaves the Gap way too risky for an unarmed man alone.

      I have a different view of dreams. My dreams are the engine that drives my life and my being. They are a twenty knot wind in a full sail. I can indeed imagine how listless and lifeless my existence would be without them. That prospect drives me forward through my fear as my dreams many times lead to the very edge of a breath-taking chasm.

      I look forward to future exchanges, in Bronco Land and here. For now, thank you for leaving strokes of color on my palette.


      1. Kenton Lewis says:

        Sorry for the delay in communication. I don’t visit the “Goat” like I should.
        Interesting you should mention Tierra del Fuego. At the time I was writing a novel about a lad who was about to sail around the world I read Joshua Slocum’s “Sailing Around the World Alone.” The most fascinating portion of the book is the Strait of Magellan. My protagonists spends a hundred pages of the book in that location. Starting Feb. 1 it will be posted episodically on Short Stories and Stuff. The title is Beyond Beyond.
        Past my prime? I beg your pardon; Trump just got elected and he’s got a few months on me! Fact is, each day is a reminder of the reality your words atest. I take no offense. It takes a lot to offend me.


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